On December 14, 2019, at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, two of the world’s top welterweight mixed martial artists faced one another in one of the most competitive fights of the year and definitely one of the most memorable, period.

And while the fight itself exceeded most fans’ expectations in terms of performance, excitement, and athletic fortitude, there was another element of the fight that might have been less obvious but is perhaps vitally more important.

This article will draw a connection between the mental strategy that mixed martial artists engage in during a fight and its similarities with…

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Though there are many unique interpretations of the details of a sales cycle, the general principles are quite universal. A typical sales cycle consists of the following stages: lead prospecting, initiating contact, qualifying the lead, presenting the offer, overcoming objections, closing the sale, and generating referrals. While every stage in the sales cycle is crucial for a successful sales model, we’ll focus on what some believe to be the 3 most critical stages that warrant extra care and attention.

1. Presenting the Offer

While all stages of the sales cycle have their own purpose, this is the moment of truth. This is the moment…

There are 326 million cubic miles of endless blue sea occupying the expanse between our seven continents, making up 70% of the earth’s surface (Bureau of Reclamation, 2017).

With merely 5% of the ocean floor having been discovered and mapped, and with the deepest part reaching almost 7 miles, water seems to be as abundant as it is ominous.

Yet, it wouldn’t take much of the mineral-rich ocean to dehydrate a human being if consumed. The amount of sodium in seawater is much more concentrated than what the body can safely process, requiring more water as salt is consumed. …

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I’m a strong believer in the idea that our entire decision-making process is influenced by either of two powerful, opposing factors: the fear of something versus the love or desire for something or someone.

Whether we’re conscious of it or not, we seem to balance these two forces against one another when deciding on a course of action — and the course chosen is dependent on which force bears more weight.

I won’t enter a burning building for fear of getting burned. …


Hearts only grow harder
and flesh is never thin,
Some are much explicit
while others hold it in,
Dare, I let it lay
on the surface of my skin,
Lest I be judged
by the color of my sin.

A man of tobacco’s smoke
is a man oppressed in vice,
Cares nothing of his temple
in which his spirit lies,
Yet another man can feast on,
the decadence of foods,
Not a word would be spoken
of the toxins he consumes.

A man who sips his liquor
by the highlight of the moon,
Is a man so poor in judgment
and is quickening…

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The founder of a Chinese tech-company, a retired Christian congressman, a world-class jiu-jitsu practitioner, a Libertarian clergyman, an Irish-American parolee, a Syrian national, an underground hip-hop artist, and a homeless veteran are the fortunate survivors of a plane crash who are now familiarizing themselves with this tiny, uninhabited island in the Pacific.

With no possessions other than the clothes on their backs, their character and willingness to survive are being put to the test.

Hypothetical scenarios like this intrigue me. A group of people from various backgrounds must do without the strengths they’re accustomed to having in the real world…

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My heart needs a home,
I tried fitting it on bookshelves among the fantasy novels,
but for some reason,
Tolkien wouldn’t let me in between him and Mary Shelley.

I tried placing it by the stereo
in front of the speaker,
next to the collection of music curated over the years.
But after a while,
I noticed that Hard Rock would cause my heart to turn to stone,
Hip Hop would cause it to darken at each curse,
Electronic music would crumble it down into fine sand,
and the deep, booming subwoofer would cause a violent windstorm,
scattering it everywhere.

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You are heartwarmth in winter

You are the wind that rustles
the orange and green ornaments,
delicately clinging
to wooden branches

You are a lonely thought
silently walking through my labyrinth mind,
barefoot and curious

You are golden silence
at my breakfast table,
the perfect mid-day sweetcake,
and supper’s sparkling silverware

You are the cold swell
my sandy shoreline summons
and the breeze to whom
my beach is betrothed

You are the scent of sweet memory,
the perfume of passionate whisper,
and the aroma of aura’s arousal

You are the dream in between dreams,
the delicate moment before waking,
and the time…

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What is its nature?

Like love and humor, its origins ought to be genuine.

True respect cannot be taken by force.
True respect will spawn organically.

To demand it from others is like trying to force someone to laugh or to fall in love.

To be respected is not a right, but a privilege earned.
Ultimately, the respected is only as valuable as his respecters.
Without others, respect fails to exist.

The illusion of respect can be fabricated through intimidation or bribery.
But the end result is just that, an illusion. …

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A Quatrain Poem About Mine, and Maybe Yours Too


Last time I checked,
it was still on my neck,
What now is a mark,
once was a speck,

Protected by the freckle,
I can now never forget,
Tattooed into a bad mood,
the ink I still regret,

Smooth surface, epidermis,
let color fill the pores,
Black lines, abstract designs,
around the open sores,

Follow my fingers
from the valley to the summit,
Let go of all your baggage,
watch all your worries plummet,

Rub it in a circle
’til the purple turns to pink,
Palm against palm
let our fingers interlink,

Wrinkles and folds,
crevices and creases,
Capturing the bead

Jeremiah Castelo

Multimedia creator: personal growth, the environment, rural living, and humanitarianism http://worldwaterreserve.com

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